Detect and Avoid Risk Ratio Validation (A65_A11L.UAS.105)

The intended function of Detect and Avoid (DAA) systems is to serve as an alternate means of compliance to the duties of an onboard pilot to see-and-avoid other aircraft (Part 91.111, Part 91.113).  This research will measure on-board pilot visual performance in seeing other aircraft in class E, class G, and in terminal airspace environments.  Visual performance will be combined with simulated avoidance maneuvers to estimate pilot risk ratio performance in seeing and avoiding other aircraft.  Pilot risk ratio values will then be used as part of the verification and validation of DAA risk ratio targets for a variety of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and Air Mobility (AM) operations. This research is necessary to derive minimum safety performance requirements so that DAA systems can be used as an adequate alternate means of compliance to existing aviation regulations.  The validation effort will also ensure that DAA risk ratio thresholds are adequate such that when an onboard pilot encounters a drone supported with DAA, that the onboard pilot does not experience greater collision likelihood than when encountering another aircraft with an onboard pilot.



Kyle Ryker
Research Engineer
Mississippi State University
Phone: 662.325.2395


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